Wednesday, August 29, 2018


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HAPPY NEW (SCHOOL) YEAR! Make this the best school year ever. Keep it simple, enjoy each moment and focus on your students. One of my favorite mantras is "work hard, show respect and be responsible." What are some ways we can model this for our students and children?

As parents make sure your child is ready to learn. I recommend reading My Shining Star by Rosemary Wells pictured to the left.

As teachers we should always be prepared and treat every student as though they were our own child or our favorite niece or nephew. My Shining Star is for everyone. Adapt it's ten principles to your teaching practice and classroom "rules." Students know when a teacher cares and respects them. Students know when a teacher is prepared. Students want things to be fair but understand that fair does not always mean the same thing for each student. 

When we model our expectations as adults and accept the responsibility of being a parent or teacher FIRST students will notice. It doesn't mean everyday will be easy, it does mean you are modeling the attributes you expect from them. Walk the talk.